Food Haul – Wet Food For Cats

I’ve mentioned it in earlier posts, but I’ll mention it again; I’m very picky when it comes to Fin’s food. The whole raw food debate has put me off dry food, so I have been looking, and looking for a good wet food that is suitable as a complete food. I’ve even considered feeding raw, but for me personally it would be too expensive and time consuming at the moment, and there are no ready-made options available to me, but I’ll talk more about the raw food debate in a different post. This one will be all about the foods I’ve bought for him to try out, why I chose them, and how I found them!

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Preparation; Food Haul


By the time you guys are reading this, Fin will have been home for a day already! Time really does fly these days. Anywho, onto the food haul! I bought his food two weeks ago now, along with some other food-related stuff. I got very nit-picky with food after having read up on and following the whole raw food debate. Who doesn’t want to feed their cat the best they can? Continue reading