Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt. 2


I’ve been pretty much unstoppable in my shopping sprees, Finley now has a proper toy collection, and I’m far from finished. I finally got all the essentials down, other than some things with expiration dates (think food, worming treatment, etc.) and some small things I might’ve forgotten, but I know myself well enough that I can’t say I won’t buy him more stuff. I’ll be visiting England for a week during the summer holidays; different country, different pet stores.. I probably won’t be able to resist the temptation. Anyways, I bought all these things over the course of a couple of weeks, and I’ll tell you something about them!

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First Impression; Cat’s Flower Tree


I’m not one to like traditional cat furniture; I hate all the furry carpet, the ugly beiges and browns, so when I got to the point of actually buying stuff for Fin, I was leaning towards D-I-Y cat trees or the more expensive ones. As I mentioned in the shopping list post, I’d also been looking at the Banana Leaf Paradise Scratching Post, but as its very expensive, not all reviews on it are positive and I’m not sure what Fin will actually like, I decided not to buy that one. I was left looking at D-I-Y projects and trees I didn’t actually like, that was, until my friend JJ (Same one as I mentioned before; yes, we’re both crazy cat ladies) showed me pictures of her kitties lounging in the “Cat’s Flower” Scratching Tree.

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First Impression; Cat Carrier Trixie ‘Sporty’


When I was looking for a carrier, I was still doubting wether I should go for a soft case or a hard case, since we already have a hard case for our bunny, but that one is too small for Fin to go in once he’s all grown up. It’d be okay for his first two-three visits, so I wasn’t in a hurry to buy a new one. I was, however, looking around to see the pro’s and cons of both types. Since I was used to the hard case carrier, I had my doubts about soft cases, but I did see the benefits of them. They’re lightweight, easy to store, and you can carry them as a bag, since most come with a shoulder strap. However, they’re not as sturdy or protective as hardcases are, and the material can be destroyed if the cat scratches at it too much.

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Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt.1


Finally, some of the things I’ve ordered for Finley have arrived! These are the first few bits and pieces I’ve collected for him. I’ll tell you a little about each item, and I might post first impressions and reviews on some of the items, seeing as I couldn’t find a lot of information about some of them.

As you can see, its a whole jumble of things, and it certainly isn’t everything I’ll need. I’ve decided to buy Fin’s things bit by bit, saving food and other items with an expiration date for later. For now, I’ve bought some things to use for storage, some toys, and other stuffs.

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