Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, again, but this is just a little post to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and happy holidays. Instead of a Christmas card, as I’d originally planned, I’m giving you all the opportunity to craft your own paper Fin! Thank you all so, so much for all the Instagram love you give us daily, it means so much to us! <3
Many thanks to Amy of Kooee Papercraft for this lovely portrait, and Aimee, Louie and Fleur for hosting the contest in which I won this. I’ll be writing a review and posting more pictures about this paper Fin (and hopefully the ones you guys make!).
Download the PDF file by clicking on the picture, and the folding guides by clicking the links below. Ps. This is what our paper Fin looks like! 

Paper Craft Instructions & Valley Fold Guide.

Summer Kitty Finds ’16

Since I missed three month’s worth of Kitty Finds, I figured I’d just combine them into a Summer Kitty Finds! I’ll be revealing some very exciting news during my birthday week that I’ve been keeping a secret for MONTHS now (my actual birthday is the 8th of September), and keep you updated on my little Bean’s health as I find out more about his weight loss. For now though, I hope you enjoy these finds!
As always, a little disclaimer; in these posts, I’ll be featuring shops and certain items that I’ve found online; things that I admire, feel deserve more exposure, and things I might buy along the way. These posts are not sponsored in any way; I hand pick all of these items and ‘advertise’ them for free, just because I want to. Credit of these pictures go to their respective owners, and will be linked to corresponding the shop! Continue reading

Big Boy Op Pt.2

It’s been six months since I had Fin neutered, and as expected, he’s definitely changed since, but not in the way most cats do. Most cats become more laid-back after being de-sexed, but Fin has actually become way more active! He has the ‘zoomies’ literally 4 times a day now; he just goes nuts and runs around the house like the little maniac he is.

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First Impression Review; Imac Aladin Playhouse

This article will be a little different from what I usually write! Per request of our sponsor, it is written in both Dutch and English!
—> Naar de Nederlandse versie

A few weeks back, we were contacted by our new friends over at Huisdierplein.nl, a Dutch online pet store! They were kind enough to give us the opportunity to choose an item and review it on our blog, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity. Since Fin absolutely adores anything with cardboard, I picked this lovely Imac Aladin Playhouse, which has two scratching pads; one inside, and one on top.

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