Caturday Special; My Ten Favourite InstaCats

Today’s Caturday post is all about my ten favourite kitty accounts on Instagram. I’m pretty active on Instagram, and I absolutely love the Pet Community on there, so I figured I’d share!

I’ve made a ton of friends on Instagram, but this post will only feature the ten accounts that I’d definitely recommend for everyone, so accounts that are very active and post good quality pictures. Please don’t be offended or sad if I follow you on Instagram, but you’re not on the list!

First up.. My all-time favourite; @fjarilflickans! Josie a Ragdoll/Norwegian Forest Cat breeder from Sweden, and has 3 ragdoll cats living with her currently; Muffin, Brownie and Zinnamon. Zinnamon actually has two tiny beans right now, and they are the cutest! Cookie, the new addition her breeding program, will arrive somewhere in August, so there are some pictures of her on there as well. Ps. Here’s her website!

Now, in my opinion, if you follow Josie, you should definitely follow @iamwhoopsie as well! Whoopsie is one of Josie’s cats that live in a host home nearby, and a few months ago, Thea (also one of Josie’s cats) moved into the same home. Seeing the two girls grow to love each other ahs been great so far, and they post lovely pictures!

Sticking with the theme here.. @iamlycimnia is a kitten from one of Josie’s previous litters, and she is a real personality. A total cutie, a little bit of a diva; overall a great account to follow!

I deeply admire people who foster kittens, because I can’t imagine raising a bundle of joy and then having to say goodbye to it.. I might want to foster kittens in the future though, but for now, I’m following @bethostern, who fosters a ton of lovely babies.

Another foster kitty account; @foster_kittens, she’s been taking care of a mommy and her kittens. Totally adorable, and you can see each kitten develop a personality!

I wasn’t really into exotic longhairs/shorthairs.. until I saw this cutie’s face! @arisflatface is a beautiful orange kitty with huge eyes, and a flat face. His little nose and facial expressions crack me up, and I bet they will do the same to you (:

Just like Aris, these cuties have flat faces too! @squish_duffy_fergie are two adorable kitties. I’m in love with Duffy’s tongue and Fergie’s amazing eyes.

The famous Waffles, have you heard of him already? I’m guessing he’s a Scottish Fold, but who cares? He’s cute as a button! Big round eyes, ginger, a little chub, whats not to love?

If you’ve heard of Waffles, you might’ve also heard of Sauerkraut! She might look a little sour, but she’s a total sweetie and fashionista. She and her family foster kittens as well; overall, a very fun bunch to look at!

This one is actually a good friend of ours! @pachi.and.andy are two totally adorable, stylish rescue kitties that post superduper high quality and colourful pictures. They’re not as popular as the previous accounts mentioned, but these lovely kitties are definitely worth a follow.

These are ten of my favourite accounts, in no particular order. I might post some more of my favourites later, but for now, I’d definitely recommend following these!
Do you have any accounts you love following? Share your suggestions and favourites in the comments! (:

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