Fin’s Three Month Update

As of yesterday, my baby has turned three months old! Time has really flown by, it feels like yesterday that I held the tiny squirming, meowing bean he was for the first time. I know that sounds like a total cliché, but it’s true. Over the course of these three months, I’ve been watching him grow week by week, from ultra tiny, to the little chubby baby he is right now. I’ve said it many times before, but I really am so blessed to get to visit him every week! If you’re reading this, Joke & André, thank you so, so much for this privilege! 

As I said in my Ragdoll Development post; I will be updating you every three months until Fin’s first birthday, and then I’ll switch to yearly update. This will be the first post in the update series!
As of Wednesday the 22nd of July, my Finley Bean is three months old. I’m not sure of what his starting weight was, but this handsome not-so little guy is now 2.2 kg! He has had both his shots, a microchip and will be coming home in 11 days. As you can see in the picture below, he really has grown a lot.

However, he hasn’t just grown in size! He’s developed a real personality, although he has the tendency to be asleep when I come visit. He’s very mellow, doesn’t mind being picked up, although he does start struggling after a while. He enjoys being petted, likes belly rubs just fine, and really loves biting fingers but he’s very gentle about it and doesn’t scratch during playtime. Fin’s a lazy bum, but he does enjoy playing once you’ve got him going; I’m sure he’ll get a real work out with the toy-collection that awaits him.

His adult personality will start showing when he’s about a year old, but I do have a feeling he’ll be a mellow cat, which means he’ll be a great fit in our household. I’m very curious to see how the dog reacts to him, and how he likes his new home, but I’m not really worried anymore because he’s so easy-going. I think it’s also really helped that I visit him every week, because Fin is kinda used to me now, and the dog has gotten little whiffs of his scent, even before he comes home.

I’m honestly not sure what else to update you on! The house is almost completely prepared for him, and I have all of his things ready.I can’t wait for him to finally be here, and to watch him grow even more, and to really bond with him. If you have any questions, or tips, please let me know!

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