First Impression; Cat-It Litterbox Jumbo


Litterboxes; honestly, I wasn’t all that thrilled at shopping for one. They tend to be pretty ugly, in my opinion. I’d spend a lot of time on ikea-hackers and countless of other websites looking at ways to disguise litterboxes, to make furniture for them, and so on. Hidden litterboxes aren’t very practical most of the time, so I was on a look-out for okay to nice looking litterboxes, which is where these two came in.

My first-first impression of these litterboxes (yep, I got two) wasn’t all that great; if you’ve read my second kitten haul, you’ll have read about it, but if not, here’s a quick little snippet of what happened.

I got Fin two litterboxes; one for downstairs, and one for upstairs. Since he’s a ragdoll, he’ll probably turn out to be a pretty big cat, so I was on the look-out for a big hooded litterbox, one that was preferably not all that bad to look at. My friend JJ came in here again; she’d recently bought a Cat-It Jumbo Litterbox, and was very happy about it, and after a bit of research, I decided to buy two of these babies.
Their arrival was a gigantic disappointment, since both were defect; the little doors kept getting stuck. I e-mailed Zooplus and told them about my problem, and they sent me two new litterboxes free of charge, and let me keep the old ones. In my book, thats an A+ for customer service! The new litterboxes were just fine, and I’m planning to give away the other two without the little doors, because other than that defect, they’re completely functional.

The reviews I’d read on these litterboxes were mixed, but positive overall. Some said the box wasn’t sturdy enough and that the bottom gave out, some said the locks that hold the bottom and top part don’t lock up properly, that the carbon filter would come off or be eaten (How is that even remotely tasty?) and that the flap/door had broken pretty quickly. The first two problems can probably be explained if you lift the box by the handle when filled with litter (definitely do not recommend that with any litterbox, cat litter can be pretty heavy!) , but the last two? Not sure about how that could be caused, although the carbon filter isn’t really secured to the box. As you can see in the pictures below, the lock mechanism is a very simple slide-to-lock system, but not very sturdy, certainly not sturdy enough for the box to be held by the top handle.

Onto the facts! This is a CatIt Jumbo Litterbox, which measures up to L 57 x B 39 x H 46,5 cm. It’s definitely big enough for the larger breed kitties out there. The top part, in which the carbon filter is attached, can be put up for easy access; this way you don’t have to take off the entire top part to scoop the litterbox. The carbon filter comes with the litterbox, but you can buy replacements as well. The box comes in four different colours; grey/white, blue/white, pink/white and tiger print/white. I bought these ones on Zooplus for € 21,99 a piece, but they’re a little more expensive in stores.

Honestly, I’m not expecting this litterbox to be a miracle because of the reviews I’ve read, but I’m sure it’ll do the job nicely, and reviews aren’t always accurate since every cat is different. It’s roomy, it looks pretty cute for a litterbox, and it wasn’t over the top pricey. I’m neutral on this one, although I am leaning towards a positive first impression, we’ll just see how it works out.

Get the Cat-It Jumbo Litterbox here!

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