First Impression; ‘Catification’ by Jackson Galaxy & Kate Benjamin

I bought this book while I was catsitting for my grandparents; I’d been looking at it for a while, since I’m a fan of Jackson Galaxy’s show ‘My Cat From Hell’, and I love interior design.  I knew that when I got a cat, I’d want it to feel right at home, but I didn’t, and still don’t like most scratching poles, beds, etc. I’d been looking at D-I-Y cat things on Pinterest, and really loved the idea of those, but I wanted more. A book full of catification ideas? Sounds good to me.

When the book arrived, I immediately noticed how well-put-together it looks, the pictures on the cover look cute, and the general colour scheme has a nice and easy feel to it. Skimming through the book, I noticed the colour scheme was continued all through-out, which makes it very easy to read, since the transitions between pages are minimal. Overall, it looks pretty nice.
The index will show you there are some articles about cat behaviour before you read about the actual projects, which in my opinion, is pretty cool; you can learn to understand what your cat needs and why. After that, there are mostly pages showing catification projects from all over, but there aren’t many step-by-step guides in the book, which was pretty disappointing. It’s fun to see how Jackson and Kate both have a different colour in the book, so you can actually see who commented what on which project.So far, I like the book, but after all, it’s just a first impression I got after looking at some random pages and the index.

I bought this book online (Dutch website for €20,99 but I’ve seen it go for less on other websites.

I’ll be writing a full review after I’ve read the book more in-depth, and if I can, I’ll try out some of the projects, and see how easy the instructions were to follow. Is this book more suited for experienced D-I-Y’ers, or can beginners like me make some cool stuff with it? We’ll see.

Get the book here!

2 thoughts on “First Impression; ‘Catification’ by Jackson Galaxy & Kate Benjamin

  1. iloveragdolls says:

    I love Jackson Galaxy. Even with very few problems in my full house I have learned so much from him. When I bought my house 9 years ago it was just me and one cat. A husband and five pets later we’ve outgrown this house. Hopefully, a new one will in our future and I’m definitely going to keep all of Jackson’s tips in mind and try to catify the new place better. I look forward to your full review on the book!

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      Me too! He got me to really love cats after watching him interact with the cats in his show. I’m trying to convince my parents to let me build a car super highway, so fingers crossed!

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