Kitten Gifts Pt.1

I have the best friends and family there is, and I’m so glad they share my excitement in Fin coming home! I actually got some presents for him, even though it really wasn’t necessary, but I do so appreciate it (: This post is basically a huge thank you to the amazing people that gave these presents to me, or really, to Fin. Since this isn’t a typical haul or anything, I’m not sure of how to talk about each item, so we’ll see how this turns out!

The first gift, or gifts, that I got for Fin were actually from my old neighbours! We lived next to them until I was twelve, and they’re lovely people. They take care of our dog, Banjer, when we’re on holiday, and they used to also take care of our bunny. We return the favour when they’re on holiday, and take care of their cat (: They gave us the little cardboard scratcher, the scratching bed and the little snacks. I was already planning to buy both scratching items, so it was such a pleasant surprise, and I really appreciate it!

Next up, are the little wand with puffy balls, the big fish, and the kitten collar; all presents from my parents! The fish actually crinkles, so I’m very curious to see how Fin reacts to that. The collar and the fish are both from the Dutch brand ‘Lief!’, and the cat wand is from ‘Adori’.

Our lovely friend Franzi, mom to Stella & Barney from Instagram, sent us a pawit-forward gift! It had two snacks, two lovely pictures and the other fishy toy. The snacks are actually in the fridge right now due to the hot weather! To see more pictures of their gifts, check out post one, and post two on Instagram. If you want to read more about my experience with the pawit-forward initiative, I’ll be happy to post about it, just let me know!

Now, on to the last gift. This one’s actually not in the pictures above, because its so huge! My nana got me this amazing, gigantic pet bed, that now has a lovely place on my windowsill so Fin can look out of the window when lounging there. It doesn’t look that big in the pictures, but it’s 50×40 cm! I’m thinking of posting a sort of ‘catified room tour’, so you’ll be able to see where I put all of Fin’s stuff.

I just want to thank my lovely friends and family again for all these gifts, and I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it was a little different! Don’t hesitate to ask me more information about any of these items; I’ll do my best to find out where they can be bought, their price, and things like that.

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