Wishlist; Things I Wish I Could Buy (July Kitty Finds ’15)

You might’ve noticed by now, but I’m really, really into buying cat stuff. Or cat-themed stuff. Anything that has to do something with cats, really. Sadly, so many things aren’t available to me, or too expensive due to shipping and customs. Because I am that cat-obsessed however, I made a list of things I really want to buy, but can’t for the time being, or might not ever be able to buy, and I wanted to share the goodies with you! Be warned though.. This post might give you a serious case of the grabby hands.

A lot of these things will be from Etsy, or other online stores, so even if you’re not located in the US, you might still be able to get these items; they’ll just be a little pricier than usual. Just as I did with the 10 favourite insta-cats post, this won’t be in a particular order other than category. Credit of these pictures go to their respective owners, and will be linked to corresponding the shop!

BoxRoomBazaar – 7″ Personalised Cat Portrait

This one I found on Instagram, and absolutely fell in love. How cute is this?! And how talented is Sharon, the lovely lady that makes these amazing portraits? I most definitely will be getting this in the future, perhaps after my birthday, but for now, I’ll be ogling her work on her Instagram.

RedHorses – Custom Engraved Cat Silhouette Charm & Name Pendant Necklace

Sadly, at the time I’m writing this, RedHorses Etsy is closed temporarily due to Julie being on holiday, but she makes the loveliest pet-themed jewellery I’ve seen so far! This item is definitely on my wishlist, but its a tad out of my budget right now, so we’ll see. Redhorses Etsy Shop opens up again on the 29th of July!

Now, onto the actual cat appropriate accessories..

Catmint Collars – The Lovebug – Matching Bow Tie Cat Collar

I really, truly am a sucker for kitty bowties. I know it’s not the greatest thing out there to dress your cat up, but they’re just so darn adorable! This adorable green-white polkadot set was made by Catmint Collars, who not only offer matching sets, but a huge variety of collars and bowtie to mix and match with. I firmly believe that as long as your cat doesn’t mind, it’s okay to put on an extra cute collar once in a while, but I personally am opposed to full outfits unless necessary. This, by the way, is the reason I won’t be buying any bowties for Fin just yet; I want to see how he reacts to a simple collar first.

CatInBerlin – Cat Business

This lovely tie was made by the humans of Max and his brother Mini, who have a cat accessory company called CatInBerlin, which I’ve followed basically since we started Instagram. They have scarves, bowties, regular ties and catnip toys, all handmade, stylish and high-quality. Go follow them on their Instagram and join the Gentlecats Club!

This adorable collar isn’t just for the kitties out there.. FSD also caters to dogs! If you’re looking for a cruelty free pet accessory, this is the shop for you! FuzzySheepDogDesigns is famous for her amazing, bright-c0loured leashes, and if you support her, you’re essentially helping her get her own pup <3 If Fin learns to walk on a leash properly, I might just invest in a rope leash myself! For now though, I’ll be looking at that collar for when he learns to walk around with one.

And from cat accessories to toys and furniture..

TuxAndTabby – The Kitten Box

How cute of an idea is this? A box full of toys to prepare for your kitten! Luckily, if your kitty is all grown up, you’ll still be able to place an order with TuxAndTabby as they have multiple boxes available, and separate toys as well. Sadly, when I was shopping for Fin, I completely forgot about this, and now he already has a gigantic toy collection; woops. I will definitely keep this in mind when I’m looking for new toys though, because these are absolutely beautiful!

TheCatBall – Grey and Pink Tabby Stripe Cat Ball

TheCatBall.. Who hasn’t heard of this revolutionary, and majorly adorable cat bed? Although the most popular version of this is the Shark one, I personally really love this one; the pink and grey is a lovely combo! One day, CatBall… One day…

PoopyCat – BLOCKS

Now, you might’ve heard of PoopyCat; a Dutch company with a revolutionary idea, or I guess thats plural now! PoopyCat started with a disposable, eco-friendly litterbox, and now has BLOCKS. BLOCKS is a way for you to build your cat its own eco-friendly castle, and coming this August, you will be able to customise your kitty condo even more! I love the idea, but I don’t really have the space, or the money to get this yet.

Since I’ve shared most of the stuff I’m drooling over, do you guys have anything you’d really love to buy for yourself, or your furry friend, but can’t (yet)? Things you’ve seen online, or in the store? I’d love to hear!

I personally have a thing for small companies that sell handmade items or have innovative ideas, and think we should support them as much as possible, which is why I decided to make this post.

7 thoughts on “Wishlist; Things I Wish I Could Buy (July Kitty Finds ’15)

  1. Sharon says:

    I am honoured that you have added my cat portraits to your wish list – such a fabulous selection of items. 🙂
    Sharon – Box Room Bazaar

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for including our Cat Ball® cat bed in your wish list blog post! We are enjoying the wonderful finds you’ve shared here.

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