Birthday Special; 18 Times Why I Love Cats

‘Because Cats’ by Kitten Rain

Since today is the day I turn eighteen, I thought I’d give you eighteen reasons I love cats! Of course, I have thousands and thousands of reasons I love cats, and especially my own furry monster, but eighteen will do for now. We will also be celebrating by adding some discount sets to our Etsy shop, and of course, our discount code LAUNCH2015 for 15% off will be valid for the entire month of September! Anywho, here’s 18 times why I love cats!

(1) The sound of their purring soothes.

(2) Their smell is comforting.

(3) They’re very soft.

(4) They have their own little personalities.

(5) Mine goes nuts for feathers.

(6) Their tails are swishy.

(7) They come in all shapes and sizes.

(8) Their after-poop crazies.

(9) They like to nap as much as I do.

(10) They’re great cuddle buddies.

(11) They can learn tricks as well.

(12) Head bunting.

(13) TOOTSIES! Soft, pink toe cushions.

(14) Eskimo kisses.

(15) Their love for boxes.

(16) The intelligence you can see in their eyes.

(17) Ear fluff.

(18) Their unconditional love and devotion they have for their owner, because cats do bond!

Now, Fin has a ton of small quirks and habits that I also love, but I’ll do a separate post about that some time. Come celebrate my birthday on Etsy, and treat your kitty to a new toy or collar!

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