Mom’s Little Meowdel

Our Etsy Store launched today! I figured in honour of that, I would do a photoshoot with Fin, only I had conveniently forgotten kittens are very hard to photograph, except for when you’re trying to take photos of other things, because then they like to get in the way. Anywho! I managed to take a few pictures of Fin AND the products, enjoy (: 

Another soulful gaze.. Borderline obsessive, if you ask me, even though he looks cute as a button!

“I steal Mum’s toys when she’s trying to take pictures of them”




“I also lay on Mum’s toys when she tries taking pictures of them”

Still gazing..

Trust me when I say I’m no miracle worker, these pictures were pure luck, as I took over 30, and still ended up with only these six.. Maybe we can do better next time?

If you’d like to buy your furry companion a collar like the one Fin’s wearing on these pictures, head over to the store, and don’t forget to use the promotional code LAUNCH2015 to get 15% off throughout September! As it is my birthday next week, I’ll have another surprise ready for you all (: I hope you like this style of article as well, since it’s different from the ones I usually post. Feedback is always welcome!

Can’t end on a serious note now, can we?

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