Fin’s Six Month Update

My, my, time really does go way too fast. Fin turned 6 months on the 22nd of October, and he’s really grown so much in the three months he’s been home with us. He looks like a real cat now, and boy oh boy is he big! I’m already looking at pictures of when he just came home, wondering what happened to my little bean. As mentioned in the previous update post (3 months), I’ll be updating every three months until Fin turns one year old, and then it’ll just be yearly updates on or around his birthday. If I said before he was starting to show his personality, it has really happened now; he is a gigantic, floppy goofball made out of fuzz, love, cuddles and purrs.

Let’s start of with some stats! Just last week, he also got his big boy incisors! He’d been extra bite-y when I noticed the teeth coming through, so I just checked his teeth regularly to see how everything was going. I found a tiny piece of baby tooth in his food dish, and like the crazy momma bear I am, I kept it. In the past three months, Fin has gone from weighing 2.2 kg (already large for his age), to weighing 5.2 kg. Since I can still easily feel his ribs, this is a definite sign he’s going to be a big kitty, although I suspect his winter coat isn’t lightweight either. His coat development is lovely; he’s getting fluffier and developing a real lion’s mane. His points are getting darker, which you can really see if you look back at his kitten pictures. The sides of his hind legs have started showing colour, and he’s developed a cute little ‘freckle’, as I like to call it on his stomach.
Due to the growth of his fur, however, he sometimes experiences ‘dingleberries’; small pieces of feces stuck in his bum fur, a little TMI, a little gross, but as a crazy cat lady, I feel like we should be able to talk about this, because it’s apparently a common problem. I’ve combed them out until last week, when I decided I was going to give him a bum trim; I read that multiple cat owners have turned to this solution, so I figured it wouldn’t do any harm to try (please make sure to use sharp but blunt/rounded end scissors though!). It was definitely not easy, but I do think it’s really helped so far, although I might cut away a little more soon since it’s pretty hard to keep Fin still while touching him in his no-thank-you area.

I’m not sure if its because of the loss of our dog or just him growing up (puberty, eek!), but he has become more affectionate, and a lot more vocal. He comes over for pets and snuggles more often, and when I come home, he meows until I pick him up for some cuddles, and sits by me on the sofa at night. He actually enjoys hugs now, and turns into a melted purr-y pile of fur in your arms, although you’ll have to put him down when he starts struggling. One thing I’ve really noticed about him though, is that even when he struggles or wants to get away, he’ll never bite, hiss, or scratch unless its bathing time.
As for being more vocal, our new morning ritual started shortly after our dog passed. He meows by my door around eight in the morning, shortly after my parents wake up, and then keeps going until I get out of bed to feed him. If I close the door, he’ll meow until I let him in so he can cuddle in bed. I really do try not to give into him and only come out when he’s quiet, because if I go as soon as he meows, I’ll inadvertently teach him I’ll come out when he meows, which is really not what I want him to think. He also meows a ton starting around five in the evening; an hour before his dinnertime.
Now, because this only started when he was about 5 months old, it could very well be a sign he’s becoming fertile. He’s already starting to get stud’s tail; which is when the fur at the base of the tail gets greasy due to hormones. His behaviour could also be a symptom of loneliness, but since I won’t be neutering Fin until he’s about 10 months of age (by recommendation of the breeder) unless he randomly starts spraying or displaying aggressive behaviour, I’ll have to wait to find out. If I do feel like he’s lonely after he’s been neutered, I will definitely be looking into getting him a friend.

I really feel like my baby is growing up too fast; I keep looking back at how much he’s grown. I’m thinking of maybe doing a kitten post; really just a post purely dedicated to his baby pictures. I will also be working on his little scrapbook soon, when I’ve had his pictures printed. So, other than all that, I really don’t know what else to update you on! If you have any questions, I’d love to hear them, and advice is always appreciated (:

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