First Impression Review; Bozita Wet Food in Sauce

Today’s first impression review is a little different, a little late (woops), and a first. I’m not sure how I can review cat food, since obviously, Fin can’t actually tell me if he likes it, but I’m going to try my best here. I made a quick little video to show you the texture of the food, and how the packaging works, since it’s very different from canned food. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered a huge amount of cat food on Zooplus; both GranataPet and Bozita wet food. My aim was to put Fin on Bozita permanently, and get him off dry food as soon as possible. I first came across Bozita through the Swedish Ragdoll Breeder Fjärilflickans, whom I follow on Instagram. I’m a firm supporter of her beliefs on raising and feeding cats, so I really wanted to give it a try after having read up on the ingredients (Chicken (85% in chunks, beef (6% in chunks), pork, calcium carbonate, dill, yeast). The food seemed to be very high on meat (50/50 rate on off all) and turned out to have a lot of liquid in there after opening.

The food comes in a variety of flavours, and two different textures; chunks in jelly and chunks sauce/gravy, and a multitude of flavours, both fish and regular meat. I personally think the price quality ratio is pretty great; if you buy in bulk its even cheaper (you always should in my opinion, it’ll save you a couple of bucks). The packaging of this product is very neat; its a lot easier to store than cans, and can be closed after use; I hope, by the way, this little clip helped you get a better idea of the product and its packaging.

Did Fin love it? Yes. His stomach, however, did not. He had a pretty severe case of diarrhoea afterwards, which we initially thought was caused by his deworming treatment, but after it persisted a few days after, we figured out it was the food. I tried another flavour after this, and even tried the jelly formulation, but sadly, Fin reacted badly to both. I had to wash him twice a day (proper bathing), and it didn’t seem to be improving, so I went back to GranataPet.

My first impression of this product is good, I believe its great quality food, for a good price, and I like that it offers so much variety. Do I think it’s a bad product because Fin reacted badly to it? No, absolutely not. Every cat has its quirks, just like humans, and a cats stool tends to be a little softer/looser when theres a change in diet, but that should improve within a day or two. Just because Fin reacted badly to it, doesn’t mean your cat will, so if you want to give it a try, I would definitely give you a thumbs up!

2 thoughts on “First Impression Review; Bozita Wet Food in Sauce

  1. Jenny | says:

    I think a lot of people will appreciate that video – I didn’t know how many people searched on YouTube to see what the inside of a cat food container looked like. Would you say that more of your cat food comes in that type of packaging or in cans?

    • Milou (Fin's Mom) says:

      The texture of cat food is something I try to look at, so I think I might do more things like these!
      This is the first time I’ve encountered this type of packaging, we have satchets of wet food over here as well, but I find those are pretty inconvenient when you’re trying to divide the amount into separate portions. This type of packaging is way more convenient, but not at all common, sadly.

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