How-to; Save Money On Monthly Kitty Costs

Since I pay for Fin by myself, and I only work part-time as I’m a full-time college student, I try to get discounts where I can, and along the way, have found some great tips to share with you if you’re looking to spend a little less, but still get the best for your kitty, or kitties, since multiple cats especially tends to get a little expensive. 

First of all, and I cannot stress this enough, try to buy in bulk when you can! Cat litter, dry food, wet food, all things that don’t have shorter expiration dates, look for offers like buy one get one free, etc. Just keep tabs on the offers in stores around you, and of course, online stores, and be picky about prices when you can be.
For example, I’ve noticed that every two months, there is an offer of buy two get one free for the cat litter I use for Fin. The litter is usually 6-7 bucks for a bag of 12L, so I’ll buy four, get two for free, and save 12-14 bucks. That might not seem like a lot of money to you, but even the little bits count! If you shop on zooplus like me, you’ll notice they have prices per kg listed on all the foods you buy; try to pay attention to them and you’ll notice buying bigger cans of wet food is actually cheaper than the smaller ones.

Second, it might be annoying to you, but join every bonus programme you can, sign yourself up for the newsletter, whatever is offered to you if you can get a discount. On Zooplus, I can get free toys and snacks for Fin with the bonus points I save with each purchase I make. If you’re spending the money, why not save up rewards with it at the same time? And if you’re shopping anyways, try to get a lot at the same time, most online shops offer free shipping after you spend a certain amount of money.

Third, always, always look around for coupon codes online, either on the store website itself, or just google. Some online shops offer discount codes if you put in orders over say, 100 bucks. gives you 3% off if you spend over a 100 bucks if you use the discount code ‘bulkbestelling’, but I’m not sure if that applies to any of the other sites; just look around on the discounts section.

Fourth, really think it through if you want to get insurance for your cat. I’ve done some research, and in my area, it would be more beneficial to put the money I would normally pay to the insurance company aside each month on a savings account or just a piggy bank, whatever suits you best. Why? Because the insurance doesn’t actually cover a lot of the things I would want/need it to cover, so I’d still have to put in my own money. If you think about it, that’s really pretty ridiculous; paying 15-30 bucks a month, and if something happens, still having to cover a larger part of it myself doesn’t make sense if I can just save up for emergencies.

Fifth, put your cat on scheduled meal times and check the recommended amount of food to feed your cat; having food out all day (also known as free feeding) will cause it to spoil faster, cause your cat to overeat, and for you to run out of food faster. Most foods have recommended amounts listed on them, but if they don’t, this might be helpful to you; Catster Cat Food Guide.

Even if you’re trying to save money on your monthly kitty costs, please, please do not skimp out on quality food and veterinary care! It might be cheaper right now, but in the long run, low quality food and veterinary care will start showing in the health of your cat, and it’ll cost you. I wrote an article about letting your cat outside last week, and why I don’t let Fin outside unsupervised, but I’d like to remind you that letting your cat roam outside freely might cost you as well; think infections, accidents, diseases. I’m not saying this’ll affect every cat, but it is something you might want to keep in mind.

I didn’t mention this in the main part of the article, but of course, you can D-I-Y scratchers, toys, and a lot of other things, which can also save money if you do it right. So, these are the tips I have for you today! Do you have any tips when it comes to saving money while still providing great care to your kitty?

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