Caturday Special; Photoshoot Bloopers

If you have a cat, and you like to take pictures, you will know my struggles. Actually scratch that, if you have a cat and want to look at stuff, you will also know my struggles; you have a photo/view bombing cat. When I’m doing digital homework, guess who comes to take a look-see? When I’m trying to read? What really happens the most often though, is that when I’m trying to take pictures for the blog.. He sits on my stuff. He just plops his fluffy bum down on whatever I’m trying to take a picture of, or sits so close I can’t take a proper picture of it anymore. Since I’ve collected a few of these so-called ‘bloopers’ I thought I’d share!

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Caturday Special; Introducing the Beansley Store

I’ve been hinting and talking about this for a while now, but I’m opening my own Etsy store on the 1st of September! I figured I’d give you guys a sneak peak before then and tell you a little about why I wanted to open a store, and of course, what I’ll be selling! I’ll be writing about the blog more often as I make new products, and as Fin models them. In honour of the launch, next Tuesday’s post will be a ‘meowdeling’ post!

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Caturday Special; My Ten Favourite InstaCats

Today’s Caturday post is all about my ten favourite kitty accounts on Instagram. I’m pretty active on Instagram, and I absolutely love the Pet Community on there, so I figured I’d share!

I’ve made a ton of friends on Instagram, but this post will only feature the ten accounts that I’d definitely recommend for everyone, so accounts that are very active and post good quality pictures. Please don’t be offended or sad if I follow you on Instagram, but you’re not on the list! Continue reading