Kitten Gifts Pt.2

I’ve made a kiten gifts post before, but since then, I’ve received even more gifts from my generous friends and family. This post, just like the previous one, is really a thank you to all these lovely people. Not really a typical haul, more of a showcase of the items, with as much details as I can manage!

I won’t be going in any particular order with this, because I’m honestly not sure of what type of order I could even implement, so lets just get into it! See the funky pompom like things? Orange-White and Red-White-Blue? We received those by mail from our American friend Max_Maxthecat, as a thank you for our paw-it-forward gift. Fun-fact; his peoplesister made it!
Next up, the cardboard mouse, a gift from my mom (thanks mom!). I’ve currently put it in his spare toys box, as Fin has an abundance of toys! He loves cardboard though, so I’m sure this’ll be a treat for him.

The wand toy with the funky ball and feather was a gift from my best friend, who, just like me, is absolutely in love with Fin. She even went with me to visit him when he was still teeny and at the breeder’s. Her little brother gave us the green and blue PetStages toy, as he has also fallen victim to Fin’s charms. I mean honestly, who can resist him?!

Our new crinkly tunnel was a gift from one of my mom’s friends, and Fin loves it already, even though I’ve only taken it out for play a couple of times; I’m just waiting for him to completely destroy his current tunnel. I mentioned the crinkly fish in my previous gifts post, and he has been a big fan, so I’m sure this tunnel will be cause for some noisy playtime!
Another friend of my mom’s gave us the fishy, the brown mouse, and the other PetStages toy. A couple of nights ago, I heard a very, very strange noise coming from the front attic, which is Fin’s room; it was actually the teeny scratch toy, also a great hit.

Last, but certainly not least, is this cardboard playhouse I got from my cousin; whom has three cats. Like I said, Fin Loves cardboard with a capital L; I was still putting the playhouse together when he came to inspect it, and it now has some teeth damage on it. He loves lounging in this, biting in this, scratching in this, and he even sat on it, but we found out he’s a liiiiittle too heavy for that. I completely forgot to take a picture of it when I first got it, so I hope you won’t mind a zooplus picture for now.

If you have any questions about these items, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll try to find out what I can!

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