Quick Kitty Tip; Keeping A Clean Litterbox

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Today’s article might be a little TMI, but honestly, if you have a cat, you have a litterbox, and you deal with it. You scoop, you scoop, and you keep scooping, because your kitty will keep pooping. In the month Fin has been home, I’ve figured out some things along the way that have been a great help, so I’ve decided to write a little about how I keep our litterboxes clean, and why it’s so important to do so!

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Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt.3

Another kitten haul.. I really, really do buy too much for Fin, but I’m going to pinky promise you; this will be the last preparation haul. The last bits and bobs I needed before Fin comes home have arrived, although I do still need to buy worming and flea treatment, but I will be buying those at the vet’s office. Now, just because I pinky promised you this was the last preparation haul, doesn’t mean I won’t be buying more stuff, it just won’t count as preparation. Loopholes, guys, loopholes! Continue reading