Fin’s Twelve Month Update

I was planning to write this post exactly a week ago, so it’d have gone up on the day I met Fin, exactly a year ago, but sadly, life got in the way. My grandma isn’t doing well, and I was too distracted to write. I’ll try to keep things updated, but it’s a little difficult right now, so I hope you’ll understand. My baby boy turned one year old last month, so it’s time for another update!  Continue reading

Fin’s Nine Month Update

Fin’s 9 month mark was a few weeks ago now, and I know this is a cliché, but jeez louise time really does fly. I’m well aware I started the last update the same way, but it’s the truth. As you might’ve noticed, I’ve taken a 3-4 month break from blogging. It wasn’t planned, but after our dog died, I just lost motivation for a lot of things, and keeping up with school was difficult enough as it was. I’m back now though, and in our absence, Fin hasn’t stopped growing! As mentioned in the previous update post (6 months), I’ll be updating every three months until Fin turns one year old, and then it’ll just be yearly updates on or around his birthday.

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Kitten Care Package

If you’ve read the previous post, you’ll know exactly what this is, but just in case; this is a kitten care package! One I received from Fin’s breeder when taking him home, and one I totally did not expect to be so gigantic, but I’m very grateful for it! I’ll just be telling you what was in the package today, but be on the look-out for another (food) haul soon! Continue reading

Fin’s First Day Home (Video)

As you might know, Fin came home on the 3rd of August, a very exciting, but nerve-wracking day; would he be happy here? How will he and the dog get along? Is he going to be shy? Will he recognise me? All these questions, all these nerves..
To be very honest, all the nerves were completely, and I do mean completely unnecessary. My boy fits in perfectly, and was walking around with his tail up, purring his little heart out within the first 5 minutes of arriving home. Today’s post is not just going to be me writing though.. I filmed bits and clips of his first day home, so we also have a video! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it (:

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